The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center has been characterizing the Obama Administration's response to the toxic Chinese drywall disaster in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and Virginia as a pathetic joke, for nearly three years. The group considers toxic Chinese drywall the absolute worst environmental disaster, for US homeowners ever. According to the Chinese Drywall Complaint Center, which is the most quoted source on toxic Chinese drywall foreclosures in the United States, "Adding insult to injury, taxpayer owned Fannie Mae has become the largest re-seller of super toxic Chinese drywall home foreclosures in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and Virginia, and the only disclosure offered by this group is-As Is?" The group says, "What worries us now, is that because there has been no meaningful leadership from the Obama Administration, and federal agencies like the EPA, the toxic Chinese drywall disaster is actually getting worse in places like Florida. In many to most cases, the original buyer of the toxic Chinese drywall home has walked away, the home is now a foreclosure, and in the instance of taxpayer owned Fannie Mae, they are simply reselling the homes with no disclosure about the toxic Chinese drywall. By offering no meaningful leadership the Obama Administration, or federal agencies are effectively allowing the toxic Chinese drywall disaster to get worse, and we do not think AS IS, is a disclosure, when it comes to a taxpayer supported group selling foreclosures, that are toxic. President Obama has yet mention the toxic Chinese drywall disaster one time, since taking office in January of 2009? It's now 2012, and while President Obama appears to enjoy going to Florida for campaign fundraising events for himself, he has yet to visit one Florida subdivision, or home, that contains toxic Chinese drywall? Is Governor Romney Available?" http://ChineseDrywallComplaintCenter.Com